It was a chance meeting at Larry Lawrence in Brooklyn at 2am on a Tuesday night in late 2015 where Emanuel Ayvas (Emanuel and the Fear) and Kevin Plessner (Oceanographer / Monuments) first sparked a conversation in the almost empty bar. Realizing they lived around the block from one another, the two quickly became good friends, getting together weekly to talk and play music. Within a month they realized they had written an album’s worth of material and both agreed they needed to see what it all would sound like with a band.  

Soon thereafter, good friends Grant Zubritsky (Nick Murphy f.k.a. Chet Faker / Maggie Rogers / Verite), Justin Hoffman (Johnny V Lewis / Kaylyn Rock), and David Lizmi (MsMr / Innov Gnawa) all entered the picture, and over the next year, with David and Grant trading off the role of bass player, the five wrote arrangements and played a handful of shows to prepare the recording of the debut album.

After recording with Jeff Fettig at the Creamery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, mixing the album with Christian “Leggy” Langdon in Los Angeles, and mastering with Greg Calbi back in New York City, the band decided to commit to a concept of releasing every album they make as a live video album first, followed by a studio release. The band wants to give album lovers the experience of each record as one complete piece through a live video performance of the album. Following this, they’ll release the studio production album. They will follow this unique release cycle for the release of every album. 

On November, 9th 2018 - Pale Ramon is set to release the album as a YouTube Exclusive 35 minute video. The video was shot at Vibramonk Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The video was recorded by Dan Shatzky, mixed and mastered by Christian “Leggy” Langdon, and shot by Alex Munro.  The studio production of the album will follow, being released throughout late 2018 and early 2019.

The band is currently demoing and preparing to record their next album/video release pair.